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At Haywards Farm School, we have a governance board which is made up of Directors of Amegreen Children's Services  and staff representatives. Everyone plays an important role and has considerable responsibility in setting the strategic direction of the school, along with the Head Teacher and Senior Leadership Team.  The Governance Board do not manage schools; this is the role of the Head Teacher and Senior Leadership Team, but they do oversee the development of the school and ensure the school meets the independent school standards.  

 Governance arrangements within Amegreen Education   

The Directors of Amegreen Education  uphold the ultimate accountability for all services provided. Several internal departments, such as HR, Finance, and Premises, work in conjunction to support the organisation's functioning. Dedicated staff members, safely recruited by the Directors, diligently oversee regulatory compliance across various aspects of the schools' operations. The school is also supported by West Berkshire, who have oversight of the schools self development plan implementation and in auditing safeguarding. 

These arrangements also extend to, (but are not limited) to:

  • Ensuring the vision of Amegreen Education  is realised across the organisation
  • Safeguarding
  • Teaching and Learning 
  • Financial forecasting, capital expenditure and budget setting
  • Environment and resources including Health and Safety
  • Managing and resolving complaints
  • Approving policies and procedures    

 The Governance Board 

To strengthen our governance arrangements, leaders across the school  will be professionally challenged by a Governance Board to provide the best education for all the young people we serve. Therefore, members of the Governance Board  will seek to achieve these core aims:

  1. Every student enroled in any of the Amegreen Education Schools receives an education that is rated as GOOD or better.
  2. Amegreen Education Schools foster safe, nurturing, and inspiring environments that promote growth, support, and fulfilment for both staff and students.
  3. The vision for each school is realised to achieve the very best academic and holistic outcomes for all students.  


The Board members:

  • A Proprietor of Amegreen Education  
  • Head of Education  
  • Headteacher of Haywards Farm School
  • Senior Leaders 

The school implements a  Q&A  cycle which is fed into the board meeting with a Head Teachers'report, 7 days before the proposed meeting, on a half-term basis. Minutes are available on request.