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Behaviour Approach

Expected Standards of Student Behaviour

Haywards Farm School will provide clear behaviour guidelines to students and parents, with regards the schools’ expectations. The school sets high standards of behaviour from students both in and out of school, the following is a code of conduct for students:

School code of conduct- our school rules:

  1. Be Safe
  2. Belong
  3. Be Inspired

Every student will be expected to follow the classroom expectations as set out below: 

1) Be Safe

  • To be respectful to ourselves.
  • To be respectful towards others.
  • To respect our learning environment.

2) Belong 

  • To be in the right place.
  • To be in the right place at the right time.
  • To complete the task set.

3) Be Inspired

  • To be part of the learning.
  • To work kindly with others.

Our Restorative Approach

Implementation of restorative approach in response to unwanted, distressed or challenging behaviours:

Restorative enquiry

This is the starting point for all restorative processes involving active non-judgemental listening. The process can be used with one person to help them reflect on a situation and find ways forward for themselves. It is also useful before and during face-to-face meetings.

Restorative discussion

This is used in a challenging situation, often between a more and less powerful person. Skills include expressing and listening for feelings and needs and understanding why each person has acted the way they have.


This is useful when both X and Y believe the other person is the cause of the problem. The mediator remains impartial, and helps both sides to consider the problem as a shared one that needs a joint solution.

Victim/Wrongdoer mediation

This is useful when someone acknowledges they have caused harm to another person and both sides agree to see how the matter can be put right, with the help of an impartial mediator.

Restorative conference

This involves those who have acknowledged causing harm meeting with those they have harmed; seeking to understand each other’s perspective and coming to a mutual agreement which will repair the harm as much as possible. Often all sides bring supporters, who have usually been affected, and have something to say from a personal perspective.