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Promoting Cultural Capital

Haywards Farm school has a robust and enriched curriculum, we recognise that we are in the first year of opening and some of our students will have a slow phased transition, which will hinder them from being exposed to some subjects. With this in mind we have been keen to ensure that our literacy curriculum offers students exposure to cultural diversity. Alongside our targeted personal development work which helps foster inclusion and tolerance in our pupils. This work is a whole school approach and will run 1-1 sessions with parents at times as part of embedding the culture, values and vision of the Haywards Farm School community. An extension of Haywards Farm School is Stable Futures which facilitates and supports our PSHE curriculum providing an alternative environment for our students. We recognise that our students struggle with emotional regulation and social interactions which is why accessing the outside environment with animals whilst working on these 2 fundamental characteristics enriches their ability to make personal development and develop strategies to co regulate.

Haywards Farm School has resourced the school to ensure that pupils are exposed to recognising different cultures and that these cultures have more in common than they have differences. This exposure continues throughout the environment and enrichment trips working alongside the curriculum offer, ensuring that our students are getting first hand experiences which are of relevance to their learning, and of which interlinked to our academic curriculum.