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Our School Values

Our school values are important to us and are based on our school culture, aims and aspirations for our children and school.

'Be Safe, Belong, Be Inspired'

Be Safe: We act in a safe way, we are aware of ourselves and others and the decisions we make. We look after each other and we are free from harm at Haywards Farm. Haywards school is a safe place in which to explore and communicate some of the difficulties we face in our lives. We can then learn and keep safe in all aspects of our lives.

Belong: Belong and believe in yourself, value others, and respect your communities and environment. Develop a sense of purpose, confidence and sense of identity. Have space and time to explore your identity without fitting into narrow and limiting norms. Accept who you are and modify things you can control.

Be inspired: Be inspired to develop a love of learning, have the self-belief to try, explore and take risks and the confidence to achieve anything you set your mind to. Develop a sense of purpose through exploring interests and autonomy to follow your passions. Learn by your mistakes and build resilience through adversity. Become confident lifelong learners and thrive on your phased journey.